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Full text of "One Hundred Seventy Eighth Commencement May 7, 2011 Savannah State University"

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Savannah State University 
Savannah, Georgia 




Hnx et Uerttas 


Saturday, the Seventh of May 
Two Thousand and Eleven 

Ten O' Clock in the Morning 
Tiger Arena 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

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avannah State University 
Mission Statement 

Savannah State University, the oldest public historically black university in the State of 
Georgia, develops productive members of a global society through high quality 
instruction, scholarship, research, service, and community involvement. The 
University fosters engaged learning and personal growth in a student-centered 
environment that celebrates the African-American legacy while nurturing a diverse 
student body. Savannah State University offers graduate and undergraduate studies 
including nationally accredited programs in the liberal arts, the sciences, and the 

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History of Savannah State University 

On November 26, 1890, enabling legislation was passed by the Georgia General Assembly to establish 
a school for the education and training of colored students, which was to operate as a part of the 
University of Georgia. One hundred and twenty-one years later, the college has become Savannah 
State University, the oldest public historically black university in Georgia. 

A preliminary session of the new college was held in the Baxter Street School Building in Athens, 
Georgia, with Richard Robert Wright, Sr., as principal. On October 7, 1891, the new college, named 
the Georgia State Industrial College for Colored Youths, moved to its present location in Thunderbolt, 
Georgia. Wright was president and there were five faculty members: Loring B. Palmer, A.B.; Frank 
Cobb, A.B.; Alexander Ashton; Reverend Leigh B. Maxwell, A.B.; Reverend James M. Simms, proctor 
and steward; and Decatur Suggs, vice-president. 

The university awarded its first baccalaureate degree to Richard R. Wright, Jr., in 1898. He went on 
to become the first black man to receive a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania 
(1911), and later to become the president of historic Wilberforce University. During Wright's tenure as 
president (1890-1921), President William McKinley (1898) and President William Howard Taft (1912) 
visited the campus and spoke to students and faculty in the Peter W Meldrim Hall. 

Cyrus Gilbert Wiley, class of 1899, and the first alumnus to become president of the university (1921- 
1926), followed Wright. Benjamin F. Hubert, who came to Georgia State College from Tuskegee 
Institute, served as president from 1926-1947. It was during his tenure that the college became a full- 
time degree granting institution, without high school and normal programs, and became a member 
of the University System of Georgia (1932). The name of the college was changed to Georgia State 
College in 1932. In 1950, the name of the college was changed to Savannah State College and in 1996, 
the name was changed to Savannah State University. 

The Significance Of The Academic Mace 

Observing the centuries-old convocation procedures, each Marshal in the Savannah State University 
Academic Procession carries an official mace, which is indicative of the power, dignity, and magisterium 
vested in the University. The mace is a club-shaped staff that originated in the Middle Ages as 
a weapon. Eventually, it gained a ceremonial character and is presently employed most often by 
legislative forums and academic enterprises. 

The official mace and stand of Savannah State University were designed and made from mahogany 
wood by Dr. Ernest S. Brown, Associate Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering Technology. 

Savannah State University Motto 

The University motto is "Lux Et Veritas" (Light and Truth). 


Academic Regalia 

Modern academic dress has evolved from a type of apparel prescribed by English Medieval Universities 
to distinguish their schools from the lay person in dress at a time when everybody wore robes or gowns. 
When American colleges and universities desired to adopt some suitable system of academic apparel a 
half century ago, it seemed best to agree on some definite system which all might follow. Accordingly, 
this attire has consisted of the cap, the gown, and the hood, the latter two now differing according to 
the degree the wearer has received. 

The modern cap, in academic dress, has the same design for all degrees: black and square-shaped with 
a tassel hanging from the center. However, the color of the tassel usually differentiates the field of study 
for which the degree was granted, the gold tassel being worn by doctors or by presidents of colleges and 
universities; but it may be added that the black tassel is correct for all degrees. 

The gown, unlike the cap, differs appreciably in design according to the degree conferred on the wearer. 
The gown for the bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves. It is designed to be worn closed. The gown for 
the master's degrees, worn open or closed, has an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist, like the others. The 
sleeve base hangs down in the traditional manner. The rear part of its oblong shape is square cut, and 
the front part has an arc cut away. The doctor's gown, worn open or closed, has long sleeves faced with 
velvet; three bars of velvet are midway the sleeves. The trimmings of the doctor's gown may be black or 
the color associated with the field of study. 

The hood, while not an article of dress, is however, the most distinctive feature of the academic attire. 
It is a black, crow-shaped badge or adornment with an oval opening and worn down the back. It enables 
one to quickly determine not only the degree held by the wearer but also the college or university 
from which he is graduated. The colors lining the hood and the size and the shape of the hood make 
this distinction. The bachelor's and master's hoods are three feet and three and a half feet in length, 
respectively; the doctor's hood is four feet in length and is made with a wide panel. Hoods may be worn 
for only those degrees actually held by the wearers. 

Members of the governing body of a college or university, and they only, whatever their degrees may 
be, are entitled to wear doctor's gowns (with black velvet), but their hoods may be only those of degrees 
actually held by the wearers or those especially prescribed for them by the institution. 

In some colleges and universities, it is customary for the president, chancellor, or chief officer to wear a 
costume similar to that worn by the head of a foreign university. 

The chief marshal may wear a specially designed costume approved by the institution. For all academic 
purposes, including trimmings of doctor's gowns, edging of hoods, and tassels of caps, the color associated 
with different subjects as prescribed by the revised American Intercollegiate Code is as follows: 

Arts, Letters, Humanities White Oratory (Speech) Silver Gray 

Business Drab Philosophy Dark Blue 

Economics Copper Physical Education Sage Green 

Education Light Blue Public Administration Peacock Blue 

Law Purple Science Golden Yellow 

Library Science Lemon Social Work Citron 

Music Pink Theology Scarlet 

At Savannah State University, the lining of the hood has an orange chevron on a blue background to 
represent school colors. A faculty member wears the color of his alma mater. 


Commencement Speaker 

Rear Admiral Nevin P> Carr, Jr., USN 

Chief of Naval Research 
Director, Test and Evaluation 
and Technology Requirements 

Rear Admiral Carr has spent his Navy career at 
sea in cruisers and destroyers, operating in the 
Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Indian Ocean, 
Arabian Gulf, North and South Atlantic, South 
Pacific, Baltic, Caribbean, Arctic and Red Seas. 
Shipboard tours included USS King (DDG 
41); USS McCandless (FF 1084); USS Thomas 
S. Gates (CG 51); USS Vella Gulf (CG 72); 
Cruiser/Destroyer Group 8 staff embarked in 
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69); and the 
2nd Fleet staff embarked in USS Mt. Whitney 
(LCC 20). He commanded USS Arleigh Burke 
(DDG 51) and USS Cape St. George (CG 71), 
winning Battle Efficiency Awards and Golden 
Anchors in both tours. While in command 
of Cape St. George, the ship participated in 
combat operations in support of Operation Iraqi 
Freedom in both the European and Central 
Command theaters. 

Ashore, Carr has served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense where he worked on the Arleigh 
Burke, Ticonderoga and Seawolf programs, and several Ballistic Missile Defense programs. He 
later served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations as requirements officer for the Aegis 
Cruiser and Destroyer programs, and was executive assistant to the commander, U.S. Fleet Forces 
Command. Following promotion to flag rank in 2006, he was assigned as the deputy director of 
Surface Warfare for Combat Systems and Weapons, and later as deputy assistant secretary of the 
Navy (International Programs) and director, Navy International Program Office. 

Carr graduated in 1979 from the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Naval 
Architecture. He earned a Master of Science in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate 
School and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. In 
December 2008, he became the 22nd Chief of Naval Research, with additional duties as director, 
Test and Evaluation and Technology Requirements. 


Order of Procession 

The Chief Marshal 

The Class Marshals 

Candidates for Masters' Degrees 

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees 

Faculty Emeriti 

The Faculty 

The Presidential Party 

The academic regalia, the academic processional, and the ceremonial program are part of 
an ancient tradition of learning. This tradition is a unified, solemn occasion at which only 
applause is appropriate. 

The audience is asked to refrain from any other form of expression and to reserve 
celebrations until the program is concluded. 

Savannah State University Hymn 

Original words and music by J. Randolph Fisher and Hillary Hatchett 
Lyrical Revision hy Ms. LaGina M. Frazier 

Let us give thanks and praises to 

Our Alma Mater, S.S.LJ. 

Thine honor, pride , and eminence , 

We raise in prayerful reverence . 

Guide us still from day to day, 

Be Thou mindful lest we lose our way; 

Help us know that life, short or long, 

Means unceasing work for weak and strong. 


Where Savannah meets the sea, 

Where grassy plains and palms abound, 

Where the Flow'rs are gems of loveliness , 

There S.S.Li, is found. 

We adore each beauteous scene and hall , 

Our all we pledge to Thee! 

In our hearts we 11 build a shrine for You 

We hail Thee, S.S.U.! 


Order of Ceremony 

Earl G. Yarbrough Sr., Ph.D., President 



*Academic Procession 

Presentation of Colors, National Anthem 



Introduction of Stage Guests 
Introduction of Speaker 

Commencement Address 

Introduction of Academic Deans 


Presentation of Awards 
President's Second Mile Award 

Presentation of Candidates 

for the Master of 

Business Administration Degree 

Presentation of Candidates 

for the Master of 

Public Administration Degree 



Professor Nan Poole Spicer, Organist 

"War March of the Priests" 

Felix Mendelssohn 

Professor Nan Poole Spicer, Organist 

Naval Reserve Officers 

Training Corps Color Guard 

"The Star-Spangled Banner" 

Pastor Larry L. Broxton 

Christ Memorial Baptist Church 

Savannah, Georgia 

"The Road Not Taken" 

Music by Randall Thompson 

Poem written by Robert Frost 

Savannah State University Concert Choir 

Professor Nan Poole Spicer, Organist 

Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough Sr. 

Rear Admiral Nevin P. Carr Jr. 

Chief of Naval Research 
Arlington, Virginia 

Dr. Mostafa Sarhan 
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs 

"I Know I've Been Changed" 

Arranged by Damon Dandridge 

Savannah State University Concert Choir 

Professor Nan Poole Spicer, Organist 

Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough Sr. 

Dr. Emily Crawford 

Interim Dean, Graduate Studies 

Dr. Emily Crawford 


Order of Ceremony 

Dr. Emily Crawford 

Presentation of Candidates Dr. Emily Crawford 

for the Master of 
Social Work Degree 

Presentation of Candidates 
for the Master of Science in 
Marine Sciences Degree 

Conferring of Masters' Degrees Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough Sr. 

Assisted by Academic Deans, Mr. Timothy Cranford, Registrar; 
and Ms. Kai Walker, Assistant Professor, Mass Communications Department 

Presentation of Candidates 

for the Baccalaureate Degree 

College of Business Administration 
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 
College of Sciences and Technology 

Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

President's Charge to the Graduates 

Alumni Induction 
Charge to the Graduates 

Dr. Reginald Leseane, Associate Dean 

Dr. Jane M. Gates, Dean 

Dr. Derrek B. Dunn, Dean 

Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough Sr. 
Assisted by the Academic Deans, Mr. Timothy Cranford, 

and Ms. Kai Walker 

Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough Sr. 

Mr. Roy Jackson 


Savannah State University National Alumni Association 

Presentation of Army Reserve Officers 
Training Corps Candidates for Commissioning 
Commissioning of Officers 
Reading of the Commissioning Document 
Administering the Oath of Office 

Presentation of Navy Reserve Officers 
Training Corps Candidates for Commissioning 
Commissioning of Officers 
Reading of the Commissioning Document 
Administering the Oath of Office 

Alma Mater 


Major Shaun Head, US Army 

Commanding Officer, Army ROTC Unit 

Assistant Professor of Military Science 

Captain Kent Flowers, US Navy 

Commanding Officer, Naval ROTC Unit 

Professor of Naval Science 

"Savannah State University Hymn" 
Professor Nan Poole Spicer, Organist 

Pastor Larry L. Broxton 

"Pomp and Circumstance" 

Sir Edward Elgar 

Professor Nan Poole Spicer, Organist 

*The audience is requested to stand. 

**The audience is requested to stand until the recession has exited. 


college of business administration 

Master of Business Administration 

Jennifer D. Heyward | Brenau University 
Daniel Noguera-Garcia | International College 
Janet Marie Scott | Savannah State University 


Master of Public Administration 

Charles Jared Bogle | Savannah College of Art and Design 

Ida Iola Jones | University of Georgia 

Mililani Tee Sinclair | Savannah State University 

Wakeelah Samiyah Williams | Savannah State University 

Master of Social Work 

Brittney Marquise Bickham | Savannah State University 

! Stacey Kaye Blome | Towson State University 

! Margaret Byerly | North Georgia State University 

Marsha Tillman Carlton | Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Jeanna Taylor Cianfrini | Auburn University 

Allyson Maloney Finland | Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Princess Green | Savannah State University 

LaTronya Hollingsworth I Savannah State University 

Ines Luis | Georgia Southwestern State University 

Casey Michelle Lynch | Paine College 

Ashunti Lyons | Columbia College 

Nicholas Bernard Malcom | Savannah State University 

Sonia Yaritza Martinez | Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Keisa D'Neile Mcllwain-Barr | University of South Carolina 

Rhodesha Vivian Middlebrook | Paine College 

Vanesha Laurice Middlebrook | Paine College 

Teneka GuyRue Miles | Armstrong Atlantic State University 

V. Yalonda Parham | Saint Leo University 

Latoya Denae Porter | Savannah State University 

Christine Maria Richards-Goodwine | Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Jessica Nichole Slash | Savannah State University 

Melody Theresa Testa | University of Scranton 

Elizabeth Latrelle Thomas | Fayetteville State University 

Raessha Latrice Tisdale I South Carolina State University 


Master of Science in Marine Sciences 

Sabrin a Rose Bowen | University of West Florida 

! Donna Elaine McDowell | Savannah State University 

! Randi Tyler- Greer Thompson | Jacksonville State University 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude ! In Absentia 

college of business administration 


*Jennifer Lynn Brewer-Maddox | Savannah, Georgia 
Caroline Theresa Bunger | Savannah, Georgia 
Crystal Eady | Savannah, Georgia 
Latesa Denise Franklin | Savannah, Georgia 
**Jamilla Janet Joiner | Jacksonville, Florida 
TeCresa Christinique Majette I Marlboro, Maryland 

Erica Nicole Ott | Savannah, Georgia 
*Sherri J. Pratt | Savannah, Georgia 
*Alysha Lorraine Pruitt | Lithonia, Georgia 
*Erin Jean Riley | Atlanta, Georgia 
Shemeka S. White | Savannah, Georgia 
Janet Michelle Wilson | Savannah, Georgia 

Computer Information Systems 

*Guannue Bouquia | Stone Mountain, Georgia Brandi Shelane Spann | Savannah, Georgia 

**Anthony David Bowen, Jr | Savannah, Georgia *Marcus Benjamin Stallworth | West Palm Beach, Florida 

Cynequa Diana Howard | Savannah, Georgia Antoinett Nicole Williams | Savannah, Georgia 

Joshua D. Sims | Lincolnton, Georgia Marcus De'Shawn Williams | Savannah, Georgia 

Corey Dylan Brown | Dalton, Georgia 
Mario Isiah Brown | Savannah, Georgia 
Shaneka Nichole Brown | Savannah, Georgia 
Ciera Nicole Eaddy | Riverdale, Georgia 
Geordan Ramone Grant | Savannah, Georgia 
Tracy Michelle Kennedy | Pooler, Georgia 
*Perry Mason Lambert, II | Savannah, Georgia 
Joshua Reuben Marshall | Conyers, Georgia 


Sherrell Denise McBride | Savannah Georgia 
*Cornesha Lasha Robinson | Temple, Georgia 
Amani Spear | Dunwoody, Georgia 
Harry Angress Walker | Savannah, Georgia 
James Joseph Walker, II | Savannah, Georgia 
! Jimmy Lee Walker, Jr | Dublin, Georgia 
*Tifeany Yvonne Ward | Powder Springs, Georgia 
*Tiffany Kristina Wilson | Stone Mountain, Georgia 


Simone Diamond Begley | Atlanta, Georgia Kristen Danielle Simonton | Macon, Georgia 

Williams Richard Chasteen | Savannah, Georgia Kyle Gerard Vinson | Decatur, Georgia 

Shdeanna Lornette Cooper | Savannah, Georgia Ashley Nicole Woodard | Atlanta, Georgia 

Willis Dell | Harrison, Georgia *Siletta LaRae Wright | Port Wentworth, Georgia 


Africana Studies 

Kristen Diandra Williams | Hephzibah, Georgia 


*Michelle Ashanti Bassett | Savannah, Georgia 
Jherica Bianca Latice Calhoun | Savannah, Georgia 
Erika Ashley Ellis | Riverdale, Georgia 
*Shanthika Leshan Farrell I Lithonia, Georgia 
**Ameretta Leanna Gaskin I Lithonia, Georgia 
Terrance Maurice Jones | Broxton, Georgia 
**Whitney Re'Nee Lewis | Macon, Georgia 
*Brittney Qunita Mathews | Madison, Georgia 
**Arnecia LeShea Newton | Savannah, Georgia 
*Amanda Nicole Nicholson | Riverdale, Georgia 


Keneshia Shequel Pryce I Lithonia, Georgia 
Megen Denetria Ratcliff I Savannah, Georgia 
Niya Nichole Robinson | Atlanta, Georgia 
Adina Sims | Lithonia, Georgia 
Ashley Chari Thomas | College Park, Georgia 
*Whitney Marcia Trapp I Lawrenceville, Georgia 
*! Natasha Lynn Williams | Waycross, Georgia 
Quenae LaOna Tyche' Williams I Smyrna, Georgia 
**Evelyn Lorraine Wyatt | Savannah, Georgia 


Sedrick Devon Boles | Ridgeland, South Carolina 
*Niara Lauren Boyd- Watson | Lithonia, Georgia 
*Cesca Arielle Brown | Lithonia, Georgia 
*Lauren S. Brown | Tybee Island, Georgia 
Chavi Jamila Cheatham | Riceboro, Georgia 
Veronica Patrice Collins | Savannah, Georgia 
Racquel Carmella Curtis | Hinesville, Georgia 
*Myesha Alease Deadwyler I Atlanta, Georgia 
Spenser Lamont Frazier | Savannah, Georgia 
Ebony Danielle Griggs | Stone Mountain, Georgia 


Samaine Jamel Harris | Garden City, Georgia 
Brittany Terrell Huff | Atlanta, Georgia 
Tierre Emmiesha Leak | Savannah, Georgia 
*Evelyn Jordan Lewis | Atlanta, Georgia 
Michael Clyde Litchfield | Savannah, Georgia 
**Christina Jasmine Llewellyn | Villa Rica, Georgia 
**Stephanie Denise Martin | Augusta, Georgia 
*Johnny E. H. McDonald | Thunderbolt, Georgia 
Christopher Emmanuel Reed | Vidalia, Georgia 
*Gregory Scott Shafer, Jr | Savannah, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude 

**Magna Cum Laude 

*Cum Laude 

! In Absentia 

Criminal Justice 

! Mark Anthony Sherrod | Jackson, Michigan Venecia Alexandria Stanley | Savannah, Georgia 

**Antonia JeQueen Singleton | Savannah, Georgia Willesha Jammette Warren | Savannah, Georgia 

*Darrius Dante Smith | Jacksonville, Florida 

English, Language & Literature 

*Marlee Nicole Archer | Cartersville, Georgia Joseph Jackson, Jr | San Pablo, California 

*** Valencia Leigh Barnwell | Winston, Georgia **Kimberly Natasha Morant | Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Todd B. Barton, Jr | Savannah, Georgia Rashanna Rixter | Conyers, Georgia 

Abraham Cornelius, III | Macon, Georgia Darnelle Jameel Roberts | Savannah, Georgia 


**Jean Frances Durham | Savannah, Georgia Emery Gerald Williams | College Park, Georgia 

Javon Donte Randolph | Flowery Branch, Georgia Sara Brittany Wilson | Griffin, Georgia 

Homeland Security and Emergency Management 

Jesse James Davis | Atlanta, Georgia **Gary Hom | Savannah, Georgia 

Devin Norkel Everson I Covington, Georgia Demerius G. Mathis | Brunswick, Georgia 

Mass Communications 

*Simone Rozana' Andrews | Ellenwood, Georgia 
Christopher Ramill Banks | Lithonia, Georgia 
Bryanna Nicole Barnes | Mableton, Georgia 
Amaris G. Belle | Thunderbolt, Georgia 
Reginald Le'Tron Blanchett | Savannah, Georgia 
*Eugene Ralphael Brannon | Conyers, Georgia 
*Shatayvia Charisse Brown | Macon, Georgia 
Ameisha Da'Shana Crowder | Savannah, Georgia 
*Damian Zachary Evans | Stone Mountain, Georgia 
Jasmine Chanel Franklin | Richmond Hill, Georgia 
Jamelle Andres Funches | Acworth, Georgia 
**Maria Renae Glenn | Lithonia, Georgia 
**Netice F. Grimball | Fayetteville, Georgia 
Ryan Nathaniel Hatchett | Grovetown, Georgia 
*JaLynda Elaine Hudson | Marietta, Georgia 

*Lilli Catherine Jackson | Warner Robins, Georgia 
Alison Gail Jervis | Ellenwood, Georgia 
**Dan Bernard Johnson, Jr | Hephzibah, Georgia 
Luis Carlos Justiniano | Savannah, Georgia 
*Tyrone Edward McCoy, Jr | Statesboro, Georgia 
Charquitta Yvonne Richardson | College Park, Georgia 
*Jordan M. Riles | Savannah, Georgia 
Sean Ryan Simmons | Charleston, South Carolina 
*Jaleesa Shavonne Smith | Warner Robins, Georgia 
Shamelsha Rae Starkes I Decatur, Georgia 
*Nyrell D. Stevens | Riverdale, Georgia 
**Sharon Yvette Tremble | Savannah, Georgia 
*Dannielle Collette Williams | Augusta, Georgia 
Sierra Alante' Young | Sandersville, Georgia 

Political Science 

*Carolyne Helen-Siani Jones | Savannah, Georgia Ashanti Rasheda Reeves | Savannah, Georgia 

**Charity Dionna Mahone I Douglasville, Georgia *Tierenee Raeshaun Roberson | Conyers, Georgia 

**Courtney Shauntel Martin | Powder Springs, Georgia Ashley Nicole Washington | Savannah, Georgia 
*Shahidah Aaliyah Mubarak | Savannah, Georgia 

Social Work 

***Amy Nikole Amelsberg I Ellabell, Georgia 
***Devita Denese Brevard | Pooler, Georgia 
**Kerensa Timna Deterville I Castries, Saint Lucia 
Tia Renae Fletcher | Savannah, Georgia 
Elveria Glover | Savannah, Georgia 
***Ceminthia Jenea Graham | Pooler, Georgia 
**Sheena Mone' Grant | Columbus, Georgia 
*Cassandra Fayetta Green | Savannah, Georgia 
*Sheila Marie Green | Richmond Hill, Georgia 
*Wansley Monique Harrison | Carrollton, Georgia 
Chareese NeCole Hughes | Stone Mountain, Georgia 
**Tiffani Michelle Kelley | Hampton, Georgia 
**Rose Mary McGuire | Savannah, Georgia 

*Nakia JaNae Mobley | Savannah, Georgia 
*Jada Nobles | Mount Vernon, Georgia 
Kathleen Danette Pierre-Louis | Savannah, Georgia 
**Britney LeShea Reese | Savannah, Georgia 
*Rochelle Denise Rice | Richmond Hill, Georgia 
*Shanice Rice | Decatur, Georgia 
*Jacquelyn E.Roberts | Savannah, Georgia 
*Priscilla Deloris Small | Savannah, Georgia 
***Sarah Judith Sprauve | Pooler, Georgia 
Adrena Marie Walker-Price | Savannah, Georgia 
**Alexis Rae Washington | Ellicott City, Maryland 
Eddie Lamar Watson | San Jose, California 
*Tonya Latrell Wright | Savannah, Georgia 

Armon Brunson I Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
! Johnny Earl Crowell | Hinesville, Georgia 
Dominique Daniels | Ellenwood, Georgia 


Angel Yvette Jackson | Savannah, Georgia 
Nataly Lambert | Savannah, Georgia 
Brandon Takari Paulk | Douglasville, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude 

**Magna Cum Laude 

*Cum Laude 

! In Absentia 

*Shawn Samuel Souvenir I Columbus, Georgia 


Deanna Williams 

Savannah, Georgia 

Visual and Performing Arts 

*Leshe' Shari Anderson | Savannah, Georgia Shondanita Shanese Myers | Tallahassee, Florida 

Tyisha Jenelle Butler | Savannah, Georgia Simeo Rashan Smith | Savannah, Georgia 

Regina White Green | Savannah, Georgia Kench Lott Weathers | Savannah, Georgia 
Christopher Dean Johnson | Fairmount, Georgia 



**Rebekah Joleen Aliberti I Savannah, Georgia 
Angelique Anita Ash | Savannah, Georgia 
Jonathan Prince Davis | Savannah, Georgia 
*Tahira Ke'Shana Davis | Savannah, Georgia 
*Cieara Porche' Dudley | Savannah, Georgia 
*Michelle Andrea Hamilton | Savannah, Georgia 
Leandra Bianca Jones | Savannah, Georgia 
Darrell Jordan, Jr | Snellville, Georgia 

Jessica Dinice Felts | Tucker, Georgia 
**Shaletha Shavon Holmes | Midway, Georgia 
Courtney Danielle Jones | Buford, Georgia 

Korea Deshay Legree | Savannah, Georgia 
Danita Chantel Moses | McDonough, Georgia 
Jennifer Kirstie Robinson | Savannah, Georgia 
Julian Danell Wesby | Waynesboro, Georgia 
Latashia Shantrice Whitlowe I Herndon, Virginia 
Christina Alexis Williams | Valdosta, Georgia 
Divine Lynell Wilson | Wadley, Georgia 
Randon Theron Young | Flowery Branch, Georgia 


**Misty Cheri Daisy Moore | Hinesville, Georgia 
*Darkeysha Tamika Peters | Atlanta, Georgia 
Christani Chenay Russell | Savannah, Georgia 

Civil Engineering Technology 

*Allice Valerie Gholson | Indianapolis, Indiana 
Glen Uwaila Izevbigie | Stanford Le-Hope, United Kingdom 
Morris Johnson, IV | Columbus, Georgia 
***Jeffery S. Kesling, Jr | Savannah, Georgia 
Brandon Montez Nash | Macon, Georgia 

Gibran Pina I Pooler, Georgia 
Eric Ricardo Reese | Alpharetta, Georgia 
Thadeus T. Robinson | Savannah, Georgia 
**Frederick Myron Smith | Savannah, Georgia 

Computer Science Technology 

Devon Tristen Barnes | Fort Valley, Georgia Galen Randall Houston | Savannah, Georgia 

De'Mario Thomas Flournoy | Hephzibah, Georgia Corey Rashad Person | Macon, Georgia 

Julius Anthony Frazier, Jr | Port Wentworth, Georgia Sharonda Gina Watkins | Savannah, Georgia 

! Ronald Curry | Garden City, Georgia 

Environmental Science 

Aujenne Chanel Johnson 

Beaufort, South Carolina 

Electronics Engineering Technology 

Ray Anthony Bethune, II | Conyers, Georgia ! William Pierce Jordan, IV | Guyton, Georgia 

Lars Aaron Bryant | Tucker, Georgia Juan Luther Leach | Hephzibah, Georgia 

Lawrence Maurice Ezell, Jr | Savannah, Georgia Kenneth Gerard Simmons | Savannah, Georgia 

Marine Sciences 

Anna Katherine Campbell | Tybee Island, Georgia *Sara Elizabeth Pluff | Guyton, Georgia 

LeTrice NiTasha Kelly | Lithonia, Georgia ***Michele Bradford Sherman | Savannah, Georgia 

Simone Renee Kilgore I Fayetteville, Georgia **Tiffany Ann Ward | Cohutta, Georgia 
*Shamgan Juan Perkins | Albany, Georgia 


**Jorris Nemoy Alford, Jr | Atlanta, Georgia 
*Ericka Monique Butler | Lithonia, Georgia 
* Andrea Scherelle Glover | Decatur, Georgia 
*Candace Miranda Hill | Savannah, Georgia 

*Roy Anthony Irby, Jr | Jonesboro, Georgia 
Fenaria Sharde Jernigan I Oxford, Georgia 
Carolyn Nicole Jones | Ellenwood, Georgia 
**Brittany Ma'Shea Lewis | Knoxville, Georgia 

Shawenithia Dajuanna Howard | Savannah, Georgia Elizabeth Deborah Oliver | Savannah, Georgia 

NOTE: Appearance of name on any list in this program must not be considered as conclusive evidence of graduation. Persons who 
have met all requirements for a particular degree and whose names appear on the lists in this program will receive the degree indicated. 

***Summa Cum Laude 

**Magna Cum Laude 

*Cum Laude 

! In Absentia 

Honor Graduates 

Amy Nikole Amelsberg 
Valencia Leigh Barnwell 
Devita Denese Brevard 

Jorris Nemoy Alford, Jr. 
Rebekah Joleen Aliberti 
Anthony David Bowen, Jr. 
Kerensa Timna Deterville 
Jean Frances Durham 
Ameretta Leanna Gaskin 
Maria Renae Glenn 
Sheena Mone' Grant 
Netice F. Grimball 
Shaletha Shavon Holmes 
Gary Hom 

Dan Bernard Johnson, Jr. 
Jamilla Janet Joiner 
Tiffani Michelle Kelley 
Brittany Ma'Shea Lewis 

Summa Cum Laude 

(3.75 - 4.00) 

Sarah Judith Sprauve 

Magna Cum Laude 
(34 - 3-74) 

Ceminthia Jenea Graham 
Jeffery S. Kesling, Jr. 
Michele Bradford Sherman 

Whitney Re'Nee Lewis 
Christina Jasmine Llewellyn 
Charity Dionna Mahone 
Courtney Shauntel Martin 
Stephanie Denise Martin 
Rose Mary McGuire 
Misty Cheri Daisy Moore 
Kimberly Natasha Morant 
Arnecia LeShea Newton 
Britney LeShea Reese 
Antonia JeQueen Singleton 
Frederick Myron Smith 
Sharon Yvette Tremble 
Tiffany Ann Ward 
Alexis Rae Washington 

Evelyn Lorraine Wyatt 

Cum Laude 

(3-oo - 3-39) 
Leshe' Shari Anderson 

Simone Rozana' Andrews 

Marlee Nicole Archer 

Michelle Ashanti Bassett 

guannue bouquia 

Niara Lauren Boyd-Watson 

Eugene Ralphael Brannon 

Jennifer Lynn Brewer-Maddox 

Cesca Arielle Brown 

Lauren S. Brown 

Shatayvia Charisse Brown 

Ericka Monique Butler 

Tahira Ke'Shana Davis 

Myesha Alease Deadwyler 

Cieara Porche' Dudley 

Damian Zachary Evans 

Shanthika Leshan Farrell 

Allice Valerie Gholson 

Andrea Scherelle Glover 

Cassandra Fayetta Green 

Sheila Marie Green 

Michelle Andrea Hamilton 

Wansley Monique Harrison 

Candace Miranda Hill 

JaLynda Elaine Hudson 

Roy Anthony Irby, Jr. 

Lilli Catherine Jackson 

Carolyne Helen-Siani Jones 

Perry Mason Lambert, II 

Evelyn Jordan Lewis 

Brittney Qunita Mathews 

Tonya Latrell Wright 

Tyrone Edward McCoy, Jr. 
Johnny E.H. McDonald 
Nakia JaNae Mobley 
Shahidah Aaliyah Mubarak 
Amanda Nicole Nicholson 
J ada Nobles 
Shamgan Juan Perkins 
Darkeysha Tamika Peters 
Sara Elizabeth Pluff 
Sherri J. Pratt 
Alysha Lorraine Pruitt 
Rochelle Denise Rice 
Shanice Rice 
Jordan M. Riles 
Erin Jean Riley 
Tierenee Raeshaun Roberson 
Jacquelyn E. Roberts 
cornesha lasha robinson 
Gregory Scott Shafer, Jr. 
Priscilla Deloris Small 
Darrius Dante Smith 
Jaleesa Shavonne Smith 
Shawn Samuel Souvenir 
Marcus Benjamin Stallworth 
Nyrell D. Stevens 
Whitney Marcia Trapp 
Tiffany Yvonne Ward 
Dannielle Collette Williams 
Natasha Lynn Williams 
Tiffany Kristina Wilson 
Siletta LaRae Wright 


Honor Graduates 

Amy Nikole Amelsberc ; 
Valencia Leigh Ba 
Devita Df 


i David Bowen, Jr. 


Jean Frances Durham 
Ameretta Leann a 
Maria Rf 

hnson, Jr. 
i Joiner 
i Michelle Kelley 
Brittany Ma'Shea Lewis 


i Laude 


\h Judith Sprauve 

Magna Cum Laude 
(3.4 - 3.74) 

Evelyn Lorraine Wyatt 

Cum Laude 
(3.00 - 3.39) 

Ceminthia Jf am 

Jeffery S. Kesling, Jr. 
Michele Bradford Shfrman 

Whitney Re'Nee Lewis 
Christina Jasmine Llewellyn 

Britney LeShi 
Antonia JeQueen S 
Frederick Myron Smith 
Sharon Yvette Tremble 
Tiffany Ann Ward 
Alexis Rae Washington 

Edward McCoy, Jr. 

I H x > ; 

ihika Leshan Farrell 
Allice Valerie Gholson 
Andrea Scherelle Glover 
andra fayetta green 
1 a Marie Green 

Andrea Hamilton 
VIonique Harrison 
Miranda Hill 

• I >SON 

Perry Mason 

Iordan Lewis 
Qunita Mathews 

Jordan M. Riles 
Erin Jean Riley 


Jacquelyn E. Roberts 
Cornesha Lasha Robinson 
Gregory Scott Shafer, Jr. 
Priscilla Deloris Small 
Darrius Dante Smith 
Jaleesa Shavonne Smi 
Shawn Samuel Stx 
Marcus Benjamin S 
Nyrell D. Ste 
Whitney Mar<. i 
Tiffany Y 

i a LaRae Wright 

Tonya Latrell Wright